Intuitive Wellness - "Feel the Frequency"
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Frequency of Stones

All things in our environment create a frequency that affects our physical, spiritual and emotional sphere.  Precious Gems, Semi-Precious Gems, stones, crystals all hold frequencies.  

Different frequencies work with the bodies neurological system to begin a process, balance a process, or enhance a process.  Because the Neurological system is electrical the frequency of specific stones or combination of stones can help facilitate the bodies innate ability to heal itself.


Turquoise is used widely for balancing the physical bodies ability to be grounded and put things back into it's natural balance.  

Amethyst is widely thought to be helpful with the female hormones.  

Jade helps the body create focus.

Quartz assists with clarity and direct focus.

Onyx is used for grounding and introspection.

Amber is used of course for preservation and works with the endocrine system.

Tiger Eye is used for mental acuity.

Most necklaces are created with the idea that a specific frequency equals a healthy balance to work with your bodies own electrical system.  However we attempt to create that frequency with the combination of stones that will utilize specific stones for specific purposes.

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